Sannen Kimengumi: Vol 1 bonus chapters


So… It’s been some time. 2019 has unfortunately kept me far too busy to work on translation projects of any sort, but here’s hoping next year will be less hectic. Where did this year go? Or rather, where did the entire decade go? I’m not ready for the 2010s to end yet!

In any case, here’s at least one more update before the year’s over. These two chapters are chronologically the earliest Kimengumi material ever made; Shinzawa originally drew them for a contest held by Shonen Jump and it eventually landed him a full time job drawing comics, marking the beginning of the series we all know and love. As you would expect, the artwork here is fairly crude and basic compared to what it would evolve into, but despite that these early chapters have their own unique charm that makes them well worth a read.


Many thanks to smathels again for providing us high quality scans. If time allows I might eventually redo some of the early 3rd Year chapters with better scans as the jpeg-compressed images we used back then don’t really do the art any justice. That and I hate my own typesetting already.

A quick status update

Just wanted to chime in for a bit and let everybody following this blog know that the Kimengumi project is still very much alive despite how quiet we’ve been this year. Life has just been a bit busy and at times a bit hectic for us, but this is by no means the end of Kimengumi in English and there’s plenty more on the way.

We appreciate you following along with this manga for so long, folks, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it as we bring more chapters to you. We both have a lot of love for the material and we imagine that you do, too.

Thanks, folks, and stay tuned.


Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 78 [END]



IT. IS. DONE. Every last chapter of 3rd Year is now available in English. Thank you for reading to the end, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. We’re not going to run out of Kimengumi related material to translate any time soon, though; in the grand scheme of things, 3rd Year is just an appetizer before the main course that is High School… And I guess that would make Flash the dessert? It’s going to take years do it all, of course, but hopefully we can make it to the end without losing our sanity.

For me, Kimengumi has been a challenging yet fun series to work on. I feel that compared to other genres, comedy puts slightly more pressure on the translator as not only you have to get the meaning of the lines across, but they also have to be rendered in a way that is funny to the reader or else the jokes will lose their punch. Then there’s the additional challenge in the form of constant wordplay and sometimes rather obscure references and parodies, but despite all that, working on this series has really felt like a fun hobby rather than an obligation, which is the way things should be.

Just a few things to wrap up now: the volume 6 batch will be up soon, and I still intend to translate the two pre-serialization chapters somewhere along the line.


Message from Jing Wu:

I just want to say upfront that I hope you folks have a Happy New Year. Here comes another 365 days of just plain ol’ sillies.

After three long years of translating, writing puns, researching 30 year old Japanese pop culture, typesetting, and erasing literal human hairs of indeterminate bodily origin from old manga scans, Third Year is over. We’re finally graduating.

Thanks for giving this series attention. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading Third Year Kimengumi as much as U-Q has enjoyed bringing it to you and I’ve enjoyed helping him do it. I think we could both say it’s been a shibby time. Now, on to High School.

Flash! Kimengumi: Chapter 1


Before we finish Third Year, here’s a special Christmas present… The first chapter of Flash! Kimengumi!

“But hey, isn’t that the third Kimengumi series? Why would you do this before High School?”, you might ask. Well, Flash is more of a reboot or midquel rather than a sequel, with the first volume taking place during the 3rd Year era and the rest in High School. It’s rather self-contained so you can really read it at any point you want. Not that the timeline matters a whole lot in a mostly episodic series, but hey… In any case, once 3rd Year is all done, my main focus will be on translating High School, but I’ll try to drop some chapters of Flash every now and then. Enjoy!