Hello, I am the hack of a translator known as universalquantifier and this is my blog. The main focus of my translation projects is to bring attention to old or overlooked quality anime and manga that previously hasn’t been available in English for some reason or another. If you have any questions (other than “when is the next release” or “will you pick up [series]” – these will be ignored, sorry), you can contact me through this site, send a message on the /m/subs forum or add me on Discord (universalquantifier#0695).

Past and present contributors:

RX782: HD Ideon encodes

Kaixe Rho: typesetting, distribution, encoding and a whole bunch of general fixes on Ideon

Jing Wu: Cleaning, quality control, TL assistance on Kimengumi

Luurah: Typesetting and quality control on Hurricane Polymar


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    Great work and great quality, lots of thanks for the wonderful subtitles.

    It seems there are total of 26 episodes of Hurricane Polymar.
    Do you plan to make the rest of them?
    I hope you do, they are just fun to watch.

    Is there any movie or ova dated before these episodes?
    It is interesting first episode begins directly with the kid using his powers.
    No information of how he got his powers…

    I have seen the 1996 ova , but looking the old version one , if it exists…

    Thanks for your efforts.

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