Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid

Circuit Angel OVA.avi_snapshot_41.09_[2013.05.29_22.30.34]

Not actually a new release but rather a V2 of an OVA I subtitled a couple of months ago that fixes some issues. Circuit Angel is a 45 minute one-shot from 1987 about motorcycle racing by Studio Unicorn. The subject matter was rather popularĀ  in manga and anime at the time; quite a few of these bike OVAs and comics were released between 1982 and 89, such as Baribari Densetsu and Pelican Road.

One interesting detail about the OVA is that singer Hiroko Moriguchi provided the voice for the main character’s friend Hiroko (creative name, huh?). Moriguchi is well known for performing theme songs for anime such as Z Gundam, Gundam F91, Samurai Troopers and both Aim for the Ace OVAs, but at least to my knowledge Circuit Angel is the only time she has worked as a voice actor. The rest of the voice cast is pretty stellar too, featuring famous names like Tesshou Genda and Kenyu Horiuchi. Moriguchi also did both the opening and ending themes for the OVA; sadly the soundtrack is either extremely hard to find or was not released at all.