Space Runaway Ideon 27


Thus begins the final third of the series. The supercomputer on the moon brings answers to some big questions and the truth behind the Ide finally starts to become clear…

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Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 10 + Vol. 1


Aaand that’s it, the first volume is (almost) complete! Vol. 1 also includes the pre-serialization prototype chapters as a bonus, but they largely cover the same stories already seen in chapters 1, 4, 8 and 9 so we’ll most likely just move on to Vol.2 next and leave those for later.

Chapter 10

Volume 1 (1-10)

Update: Torrent for volume 1, courtesy of Kaixe Rho!

Space Runaway Ideon 26


After a long and grueling journey, the Solo Ship finally sets course for Earth. The animation director for this episode was Tatsunoko veteran Tsuneo Ninomiya, who also happens to be the chief director of Hurricane Polymar – it’s probably no coincidence that the animation seems a bit smoother than usual.

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Sannen Kimengumi: Chapters 8-9


Here’s a two-part story introducing Ichiou’s local gang of delinquents! Chapter 8 heavily references the famous poem “Ame ni mo makezu” by Kenji Miyazawa so I’d recommend reading that beforehand to get a better understanding of what’s happening. An English translation can be found here.

Also, for those waiting for the next Ideon episode, here’s a bonus page for you in the meantime : )