High School! Kimengumi – The Movie


And now for something completely different…

The name “Kimengumi” probably doesn’t ring a lot of bells to most western anime fans, but in Japan it is often considered to be one of the definitive comedy shows of the 80s along with titles such as Urusei Yatsura or Dr. Slump. The series, created by Motoei Shinzawa, mainly revolves around a bizarre group of misfit students known as the “Weird Face Gang” and their daily lives at the fictional Ichiou High. The original manga series ran in Shonen Jump from 1980 to 1987 and eventually spawned a 86-episode TV series plus this movie, which consists of three different chapters each loosely adapted from the manga.

Kimengumi is well known for its wordplay; practically every character name in the series is a pun of some sort. For this reason, I’ve opted to keep all names in their original Japanese order (family name -> given name) as the jokes wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. To keep this release free of obstructive “TL notes” there aren’t any name explanations in the subtitles, but if you’re interested in those you might want to check out the Wikipedia page.

Many thanks to Jing Wu for his input and QC for this release.