Sannen Kimengumi: Chapters 4-5


Here’s 2 more chapters of the Kimengumi manga! As I’ve mentioned before, the series is chock-full of wordplay, and chapter 5 has one particularly tricky “pantomime” scene that goes on for several pages… Normally I try to rework all one-off jokes and puns to work better in English but the part in question is far too elaborate for that, resulting in some (hopefully not too awkward) joke explaining. Regardless, it shouldn’t be too hard to follow what’s going on so I hope you have a fun time reading these. Character name explanations are included on a separate page as before!

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Third Year Kimengumi: Chapters 1-3


After doing subtitles for the High School! Kimengumi movie, I hinted that I might return to translate more related material in the future… Well, now’s the time to fulfill that promise! This is Third Year (Sannen) Kimengumi, the original classic manga series from Shonen Jump. The title got eventually changed to the more well-known “High School” variant, but for all intents and purposes they’re the one and the same series.

While I don’t outright dislike the anime adaptation, I feel that the original work is clearly the definitive version of the two, which is why I’ve decided to translate the manga despite having much more experience in the subtitling side of things. I already wrote a brief introduction to the series on my previous post, so see that if you’re looking for more info.

All releases related to this series will be tagged with the name “Secret Ninja Empire” instead of the usual “U-Q” – thanks to all the input and help from my friend Jing Wu, this can hardly be called a solo effort and I don’t want to hog all the credit to myself!

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