Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 76


Almost wrapped up 3rd year at this point… 2 more chapters and we’re off to high school!



Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 1 (Shonen Jump version)


You may have noticed that some chapters of Kimengumi visually stand out a bit from the rest – this is because said chapters were originally printed in color, and then (sadly) turned into black and white for the tankobon release. Finding these colored chapters these days is fairly difficult as you have to seek the issue of Shonen Jump they were first published in, but I was lucky enough to come across the one which might be the most important of them all: issue 41 from 1981, containing the very first chapter in all of its colorful glory. So here it is, chapter 1 scanned straight from a 38-year old issue of Jump!


For the sake of reference, here’s a list of 3rd Year chapters that had color pages – if anyone of you happen to have these volumes, scans would be appreciated!

Full color pages:

  • 1 (Issue 41, 1980) – scanned and translated
  • 60 (Issue 50, 1981)
  • 75 (Issue 14, 1982)
  • 76 (Issue 15, 1982)

2 color:

  • 13 (Issue 1, 1981)
  • 21 (Issue 11, 1981)
  • 23 (Issue 13, 1981) – I own this one!
  • 25 (issue 15, 1981)
  • 32 (Issue 22, 1981)
  • 35 (Issue 25, 1981)
  • 38 (Issue 28, 1981)
  • 46 (Issue 36, 1981)
  • 53 (Issue 43, 1981)
  • 67 (Issue 6, 1982)
  • 71 (Issue 10, 1982)
  • 74 (Issue 13, 1982)
  • 78 (Issue 17, 1982)

Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 74


Made some interesting Kimengumi related discoveries a while back, more on that hopefully soon! But for now, have a regular chapter.


Regarding Ideon: due to the series being recently licenced, I won’t be making any further updates related to the series. Please support the official release if you can.

Sannen Kimengumi: Chapter 73


It’s the beginning of the end… We’ve reached the final “Third Year” storyline!


The term “gekiga” that comes up in this chapter was used by Japanese comic authors who made more dramatic, adult oriented material and wanted to differentiate their works from “manga” which had a more child-friendly image at the time. It has largely fallen out of use nowadays but it’s still occasionally mentioned to describe works such as Golgo 13 and the like.