Space Runaway Ideon, episode 1


Yeah, that Ideon. Animated by Sunrise in 1980, this legendary series was the next project of director Yoshiyuki Tomino after finishing Mobile Suit Gundam. Ideon has actually been fansubbed to completion by the group Shin-Getter a long time ago, but their translation was… flawed, to say the least, and contains numerous inaccuracies. A lot of people have been requesting for better subtitles, and now that the series is available in HD it’s about time someone made an attempt at retranslating it. Considering that Shin-Getter hasn’t been active in years, I don’t believe they mind too much.



The group Encodergasm gets the credit for pretty much everything besides the translation.


26 thoughts on “Space Runaway Ideon, episode 1

  1. Tetsujin 28-gou (1980) no subbed , Space Runaway Ideon subbed before until these sub not 100% better than none, anway thanks for great work UQ, i love your work

  2. Considering how hesitant I was at trying this series out due to the reputation of Shin-Getter’s translation, it’s such a relief to see you decide to tackle it with Encodergasm.

    With that said, I wish the best of luck!

  3. Sounds good to me, I’ve had my eye on Space Runaway Ideon for a while now. Didn’t realize S-G subtitles were flawed. Knowing how well you did with HP I’m inclined to watch your release of this now instead, thanks. ^^

  4. Are the openings and ending themes in each episode or are they separate?

    Encodergasm has a tendency to do this when they encode their eps.

  5. 800 MB? Seriously?! It needs to be resized down to a more realistic level, even for an HD version. It’s just not acceptable for a half-hour series to be this large. In any format. Until I saw this, I was actually ready to dl it.

    • works for me, I’d rather have the best quality available, you can always re-encode and remux it yourself if free space is a concern..

      • Really, space is not a concern for you? Do you have a TARDIS-style computer? Space is always an issue, for anyone with a computer, no matter the size of the hard drive. A half-hour series, in HD, should realistically take up no more than 500 MB. It’s sloppy work otherwise. As for redoing the work, why would I do that? I have neither the skills, programs or time. Better for the subber or raw provider to have done it right in the first place. Nearly 1 G is just not acceptable for anything shorter than 1 hour in a series. Your eyes are certainly not going to be able to see any difference unless there’s been a remastering because, like your ears, they are analog – not digital. As a movie sound recordist I had for a teacher once put it, “analog in, analog out.”

  6. Lol, I, like everyone, have a finite amount of space, but i can always buy more (it’s called expansion) I have several NAS servicing all my media devices, including a hd projector that is currently displaying on a 92″ screen, I dare say even you’d be able to note the difference in quality at that size.

    Competency and hardware aside, i guess my point is that neither you, nor I, have the right to tell UQ what size files he should be distributing, we should simply be grateful that someones taking the time to complete what is sometimes a tedious task for our benefit.

    The shin-getter release of Ideon in it’s entirety is available on bakabt, if quality isn’t an issue and size is a concern (an attractive 200mb per episode) but these are from the DVD release not the new Blurays, Compare and see if you notice a difference.

    • How many extra hds are enough, then? People have a finite amount of space in their lives, as well as in their has. You would have them just buy more which is not always the answer.
      I also was not questioning uq’s competence, but rather any one – such as encodergasm – who make these overly large files to begin with and use formats that tend to create files as well. Again see my comment concerning analog on. We literally can’t see or hear the difference between a normal dvd and blu-ray. The same is true of an avi or mkv file. I will always go for the avi because it is a smaller file and just as good

      • Okay, that should have read hds, not has and should also read create large files as well. On your comment about the dvd/blu-ray difference, your equipment may be able to see the diff, but you cannot unless the HD has been remastered and thus cleaner than before. It is impossible by physical laws for your eyes or ears to see/hear any difference otherwise.

    • Unless there’s been a new release of the old SG set since I’ve seen it, I think “DVD release” is giving it way too much credit. I’ve seen a lot of funky releases in my time and put up with it as a classic fan, LD or TV rips, whatev, but the old Ideon release is insane. The resolution, the audio (really bad sync issues off and on), and just everything video quality wise is random by the episode. Going from that to this is about as big of an upgrade as you can get and it’s deserved better treatment for long enough. But yeah I have nothing to say about the filesize argument. Love my externals.

  7. David you don’t get to decide what is acceptable for UQ to release, if you don’t like it simply move on. I’m fine with the file size.

    • LB, you better have your eyes checked because what I wrote was nothing that your reply was about. Again, I said nothing about UQ, its competence or anything like that. My concern was the overly large file size and why people seem to think it’s okay for such large files to be common. I never even said anything close to what you stated. I would suggest that you recant the accusation and stick with facts.

  8. You told him him his release “isn’t acceptable” and then you told him “what he needs to do”. Where do you get off trying to boss around a volunteer that is fansubbing an anime on his own time, the way he wants to and only within his own capabilities?

    Newsflash, this just in: The center of the world does not revolve around David.

    • What’s wrong with you, LB? I said the file size – which came from Encodergasm, yes? – was unacceptable for a half-hour series, but that’s Encodergasm’s problem, not his, and they should fix it at their end.
      I’m tired of people who think that if a file is encoded bigger/differently that it must be better. As to the “what he needs to do,” where do I say that? He certainly can’t do anything about the size at this point (although he might mention it to Encodergasm) and I never once said that he should.
      I did say “Better for the subber or raw provider to have done it right in the first place.” Where did I say that UQ had to do that? Nowhere, because I was making a general point, not a specific point. Had I meant UQ, I would have said UQ.

      Really, a “Newsflash”? I make general and specific points and you are reduced to taunts?

  9. It never was a problem to begin with, I absolutely love Encodergasm’s encode. The real problem here is what you said and the way you said it.

    You told a volunteer who did a great job that what he did was completely wrong and then you told him “what he NEEDS to do”. Nobody asked for your advice and if you were going to give it then you might try learning how to give it without sounding like you are barking orders at someone. Especially when you’re the only one out of like 8 people I know that even have a problem with it.

  10. LB, you continue to ignore the truth of the matter because it doesn’t suit your worldview. Nowhere did I “bark orders” as you would realize if you weren’t so emotionally invested, like a troll, in the lies you keep spouting. Please note that I said, “like a troll,” not that you are a troll yourself. I did not tell him “what he needs to do,” I made a suggestion that he talk to Encodergasm about the overly large size of the file. I did not tell him that what he did “was completely wrong.” In fact the only point you make is that I have a problem with it. Yes, I do have a problem with it because of the overly large file size, but again, as I have stated before, that is not UQ’s problem.

    So, are you going to continue with your taunts and lies, like a troll, or are you going to be a person and recant your baseless accusations? THAT choice is yours.

  11. First of all let me say THANK YOU for this release!!

    BUT, I have to agree with David as far as the file size. 800MB for 24 minutes of animation is a complete waste of time, money, and resources. Yify is cranking out 100 minutes of complex 16:9 live action at under 800MB with a high degree of quality. Animation is far less complex in both detail and frame rate, AND it’s not even widescreen! You can get a comparable quality rip at around 250MB in 4:3 720P. I’m looking at Mirai Shounen Conan as a comparison. You can see all the same scratch marks on the vellum, paint outlines, brushed ink marks. Super clear and beautiful, but at a decent file size. Like JPEGs, as long as this is your “final” and you don’t reencode it, you won’t see any difference.. I may in fact set up a little script to reencode these.

    Having said all of that, I’d rather encoders encode over than under. Shin Getter’s release was just horrible.

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