Polymar 1-12 batch


As promised, here’s the batch torrent containing every episode of Hurricane Polymar I’ve done, with better raws and slightly adjusted subtitles. This will most likely be my last update concerning this series, so I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it. Be sure to support Anime Sols if you liked the series so we can eventually see it released on DVD!


As for my next project, well… The first episode is in fact already released so a blog post will soon follow. Stay tuned.


Polymar licensed?

So, turns out that Sentai Filmworks isn’t releasing Hurricane Polymar on DVD after all, but on the other hand the crowdfunding site Anime Sols has acquired the rights to the series. If they meet their goal of $29, 000 within six months, there will be an official DVD release. Also, the entire series will be eventually available for streaming. If you’re a fan of the series and live in the US or Canada, you might want to visit their site and give them some support so it can succeed where their previous attempts like Tekkaman and Yatterman failed.

So what does this mean for the fansubbing project? Seeing as Anime Sols is most likely going to subtitle the entire series, I don’t really feel it’s necessary for me to continue working on it. In case they end up dropping the series for whatever reason I can always pick up from where they leave off but for now I’d rather focus on something else than trying to compete with them. You can probably expect Anime Sols to come up with better subtitles anyway seeing how they well handled their previous Tatsunoko material. I’m still planning to do a batch torrent for every episode I’ve done up until now with fixed scripts and better video but that might be the last update for this series. Expect a new project announcement sometime soon, what that is… I’m not entirely sure yet.

Hurricane Polymar: Episode 12

Hurricane Polymar - Episode 12 (edited-Simu).mkv_snapshot_06.09_[2013.09.03_23.37.01]

So, long story short, my computer decided to commit suicide all of a sudden and I had some trouble getting it fixed, thus no updates in a while. Fortunately no files were lost so I was able to start working on my near finished episode 12 script right away, and here it is at last… I swear I’m not just getting lazy.



Hurricane Polymar: Episode 11


Good news… A new set of raws for Hurricane Polymar has surfaced recently! Since the video quality is noticeably better than on the files I’ve had up to now, I’ll be using the new raws from this episode onward. Thanks to Astrapentagona for discovering this!

Episodes 1-10 will be re-released with higher quality video once we’ve finished doing the all necessary timing and typesetting edits, so look forward to a batch torrent sometime soon. Unfortunately, some of the episodes still suffer from miscoloration (most noticeably ep 2), but that’s a problem with the master film so unless something like a Blu-Ray remaster comes out in Japan, this is probably the best we’re going to get.