Space Runaway Ideon 39 [END]


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…Okay, maybe not really but still, damn. It’s the last episode. In the 3+ years this blog has been up, I finally managed to finish a full length series. Amazing, huh? Very big thanks to everyone involved in the project who helped to make this happen (Kaixe and RX in particular), and all of you Ideon fans out there who have been following us all this time.  Anyway, as people familiar with Ideon’s production already know, the series got cancelled prematurely before the storyline was fully finished, leaving us with this rather strange and abrupt finale. Fortunately the scripts for the final missing episodes eventually got animated in the form of the movie Ideon: Be Invoked, so be sure to watch that to witness the true, intended ending… It’s quite a spectacle to behold to say the least.

So, what now, you might ask? The first obvious thing left to do is to put together a batch for the entire series. If you happen to have noticed any typos or other dumb flubs while watching the series (no matter how minor), please report them now as I’d like to make sure the subtitles are as polished as they can possibly be before making the batch release. After that I’ll give Be Invoked a look and depending on the quality of the existing subs I might release my own subtitles for the movie if necessary. As for the first movie, “A Contact”… Well, it’s mainly just a cut-down, abridged version of the events of the TV series made for people not familiar with the show, so I don’t feel a pressing need to provide subtitles for that one. Watch the old [Shin-Getter] release if you really want to see it, I guess. Subs might be iffy but not downright horrid if my memory serves right.

One more thing: even though this particular project is more or less complete, I’m not planning to pick up any new series right away so please don’t send me any translation requests. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm for older and lesser known anime/manga but there’s only a limited amount of time I can spend on translating this material; it’s still just a hobby, not a full time job. So, don’t be surprised if your “will you please sub this and that” message gets ignored – I don’t want to be a dick, but I have to draw the line somewhere to ensure the projects I already have started get completed somewhere down the line. Once all this Ideon stuff is done I’ll probably focus solely on Kimengumi for some time and maybe start a new project sometime next year. Whether it’s going to be anime or manga, I don’t know yet, but there’s a ton of great yet overlooked material out there to choose from…


Space Runaway Ideon 38


It’s been a loooooong time, but here we are at the penultimate episode. What a time to be alive, huh?

Thanks to all followers and Ideon fans out there, especially those who have been patient enough to stick with us since the beginning. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did.

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Ideon 36 + Kimengumi 32


Another double update? Why yes. Today’s episode of Ideon teaches about the dangers of watching too much idol anime, while Kimengumi introduces you to the famous sights of Kyoto. These locations all exist in real life of course, so look them up for more information if you’re interested.

Ideon 36:

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Kimengumi 32:


Space Runaway Ideon 34


A rather important episode that features a rare instance of the Ide addressing the characters directly. Another interesting detail is how the narrator’s voice gets cut off by the meteor at the end of the episode; supposedly voice actor Kaneto Shiozawa himself commented that “not even the narrator is safe in this show”.

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