Misc Kimengumi update

[U-Q] High School! Kimengumi - Episode 84.mkv_snapshot_18.38_[2017.11.01_20.42.49]

High School! Kimengumi Movie V2

Or: stuff you’ve probably seen before but now in slightly higher quality. An user named Renascent put out a bunch of nice looking Kimengumi raws some time back, so I wanted to update my old release of the movie to make use of them. Movie v2 also includes some other minor fixes, mostly to satisfy Jing’s typesetting fetish. And then there’s an episode from the TV series…

High School! Kimengumi episode 84

Why episode 84, you might ask? Toei, being their usual lazy selves, just recycled footage from one of the TV episodes and made it widescreen to create the last half of the movie. Since I’ve already made subtitles for it, might as well go ahead and slap them on the actual episode too  – in fact, I think the animation looks a lot nicer in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, so I recommend watching that over the version you see in the movie.

Sannen Kimengumi vol. 5

Last but not least, the entire 5th volume of the Sannen manga for your convenience.


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