Space Runaway Ideon 19

[U-Q] Space Runaway Ideon - 19.mkv_snapshot_13.53_[2015.01.10_21.41.26]

Episode 19 has been released:

DDL (reuploaded!)

All the episodes up to 18 are now available in 720p, courtesy of EG!


9 thoughts on “Space Runaway Ideon 19

    • I noticed one mistake in 19’s subs. at 12:26 they say:

      I wonder how is Gamus going to respond?

      This is incorrect grammar, you don’t ask a question inside a statement.
      It should be:

      I wonder how Gamus is going to respond.

      Also, no question mark since it’s a statement.

      Thats the only problem I noticed right away, so I’d say another awesome job!!

  1. U-Q, I see that Anime Sols has gone belly up, so may I humbly request that you continue the wonderful job you had been doing on Hurricane Polymar? It would be VERY MUCH appreciated (by myself and others)! Thank you for your consideration in this.

  2. It doesn’t seem like other people are having this problem, but the video keeps restarting somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00. I tried it in VLC and MPC. I found these subs recently after being dissatisfied with the video quality of shin-getter’s release. You guys really pull through with better quality and good subtitles. I’m forced to go back to shin-getter now, but I hope you’ll finish the show.

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