Space Runaway Ideon 13

[U-Q] Space Runaway Ideon - 13.mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2014.03.08_16.18.46]

Episode 13 is here, and with that one third of the series is already done. Hooray!


On another note, Hurricane Polymar unfortunately failed to get enough support for a DVD release at Anime Sols. I’d recommend fans of the series to preserve the subtitles from their site site before they get taken down as I currently have no plans to continue working on the series.


4 thoughts on “Space Runaway Ideon 13

  1. Thanks for Ideon UQ. I was thinking of extracting ( or re-typing) the animesols subs for use with the excellent Simu raws, just not sure if it would tread on any toes?

    • Hurricane Polymar is well over 40 years old. If animesols or Tatsunoko come after anyone legally for it, I’d be really surprised. It would cost either of those companies more money to sue than what they’d get back from winning any lawsuit.

  2. There might be some legal problems since animesols is “official,” but given how many people torrent licensed stuff anyways, if they’re taking the DVDs down I say go for it, rich! 😀

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