Space Runaway Ideon 07 – 08

[U-Q] Space Runaway Ideon - 08.mkv_snapshot_21.06_[2014.01.03_23.48.14]

For the first update of 2014, here are two new Ideon episodes! All the previously released ones now also have higher quality versions available courtesy of EG.


Torrent for 1-6 (720p)

Quick note about the usage of the word “samurai” in these episodes; in Ideon’s context it obviously doesn’t mean “feudal Japanese swordsman”, but rather refers to an elite class of soldiers in the Buff Clan military who are expected to follow a strict code of honor. Several different samurai ranks are mentioned throughout the series with “Sabia” being the lowest and “Hang” the highest; Gije and Damido are both Sabia rank.


4 thoughts on “Space Runaway Ideon 07 – 08

  1. Thank you for doing this, both UQ and EC. I look forward to watching this with great subs and a great encode, definitely one of those series that deserves it.

  2. Hello there, I have a small question. For episodes 07-09 each episode is only 60mb. Will there be a HQ version for those episodes as well?

    Thanks for your hard efforts in translating this great show.

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