Hurricane Polymar: Episode 12

Hurricane Polymar - Episode 12 (edited-Simu).mkv_snapshot_06.09_[2013.09.03_23.37.01]

So, long story short, my computer decided to commit suicide all of a sudden and I had some trouble getting it fixed, thus no updates in a while. Fortunately no files were lost so I was able to start working on my near finished episode 12 script right away, and here it is at last… I swear I’m not just getting lazy.




10 thoughts on “Hurricane Polymar: Episode 12

  1. Since Anime Sols have decided to cover this one (right before ya got to the halfway mark, to boot), any ideas on what series to do next? If not, are you open to any suggestions?

    (On a side note, they do seem to have professionals, given how Yatterman fans were impressed with how they handled the wordplay)

  2. surf’s rip is a 96Mb webrip right? Hardly worth downloading when there’s a far higher quality version available. they want the money by Febuary, at UQ’s rate he’ll have it done by then, we’ll end up with a higher quality, and watchable, version for all.

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