Hurricane Polymar: Episode 11


Good news… A new set of raws for Hurricane Polymar has surfaced recently! Since the video quality is noticeably better than on the files I’ve had up to now, I’ll be using the new raws from this episode onward. Thanks to Astrapentagona for discovering this!

Episodes 1-10 will be re-released with higher quality video once we’ve finished doing the all necessary timing and typesetting edits, so look forward to a batch torrent sometime soon. Unfortunately, some of the episodes still suffer from miscoloration (most noticeably ep 2), but that’s a problem with the master film so unless something like a Blu-Ray remaster comes out in Japan, this is probably the best we’re going to get.





16 thoughts on “Hurricane Polymar: Episode 11

    • Fixing episodes 01 through 10 is my job. I don’t think it would hinder UQ from releasing newer episodes. It’s just a simple task of time shifting and re-synching to the new RAWs.

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