Hurricane Polymar: Episode 6

Hurricane Polymar - Episode 06 (edited).wmv_snapshot_08.05_[2013.06.30_10.30.39]

6 down… 20 more episodes to go. This one was directed by the bald wizard himself, Yoshiyuki Tomino, who worked on several Tatsunoko shows in the 70’s after leaving Osamu Tezuka’s Mushi Pro.





4 thoughts on “Hurricane Polymar: Episode 6

  1. Going faster than I can keep up with! Looking forward to this one quite a bit though, I didn’t know Tomino did any Polimar episodes.

  2. Man your just plain awesome for subbing this series. And the pace you’ve set is incredible! It’s always a treat to see Tatsunoko Productions anime getting subbed and I think this is easily one of the most desirable ones that we all wanted to see one day! So yeah, thanks a lot.

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